1.  welcome-to-cassidys

2. A Glimpse of eyes from under a fedora

3. Dylan’s cabin

4. It’s been a long, long, long time

5. Hot couch action

6. The house, um….bedroom & bathroom of your dreams

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  1. guess says:

    two typos!!! Amaretto (you have an i somewhere) and a to that should be a too?? if i recall rightly, which is damn hard cause that IS my favorite story!!

  2. Syndy says:

    Nice site. Hope the web site I posted is ok. Haven’t really promoted it much yet.


  3. Syndy says:

    My Mistress My Love
    by Syndy Sharp

    I so want to please you
    My mistress my love
    No matter how painful
    No matter how tough

    Your wishes I’ll grant you
    The pleasure’s all mine
    Whenever you’re happy
    I feel so divine

    I’ll relieve all your tension
    Your worries your woes
    I’ll massage your tight muscles
    And nibble your toes

    I’ll worship your body
    Do all that you please
    I’ll lick your sweet juices
    While down on my knees

    I’ll give you the moon
    And the stars from above
    And we’ll live life together
    Forever my love

  4. Syndy says:

    Oh yeah, I remember. kewl. I didn’t think I could live here either but it has been twelve years and I’m loving it more every day. I believe that where there is a will, there is a way. Especially if you are a crip. Easier to find housing if your aren’t rich;o)

    You are welcome to come spend a weekend with me if you ever want to do that to check it out. Or do I remember you saying that you had been here before?
    My email, if you want to talk other than this site is:

    Take care and have a nice holiday season.

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